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How did Bendex come about? What is our philosophy? Our DNA 

Elmia Subcontrator 2022

Elmia Subcontrator 2022

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The Bendex Way

If you’re out and about and want a quick bite to eat, you might pull into a drive-in restaurant. You can get your main course, beverages and dessert at one and the same place. This is similar to the approach we have at Bendex. We've gathered all our important processes under one and the same roof. We can provide a broad range of technical expertise in, for example, pipe bending, welding, laser cutting and finishing.

Wanted: Half-finished projects or projects that never got off the ground

Available: An entire armada of knowledge.

Are you interested in achieving good production economics? You’re not alone. At Bendex, we work hard and actively with our customers in discussing the various production options for future products. Saying that we’re looking for half-finished projects or projects that never got off the ground may sound a bit cheeky, but this is because these kinds of projects give us ample opportunities to demonstrate our strength and capacity.

It’s not the size of a package that determines its worth

The world’s most expensive diamond recently sold for $71 million. With that in mind, it’s obvious that size alone is not what determines the value of something. The Bendex philosophy is simple. We combine the smaller company’s flexibility, focus and team spirit with the larger company’s production capacity, maturity and structure. Taken together, this makes for both a strong brand and satisfied customers.