Bendex DNA



The company currently has production facilities totalling 4,100 m2 as well as offices, 42 employees and annual sales of SEK 75 million. 

Bendex DNA

Bendex startades år 2002 genom förvärv av verksamhet. Utvecklingen har över åren varit god, vi är idag drygt 50 medarbetare med en årlig omsättning på ca 140M SEK.

Totalt förfogar vi över produktionslokaler om drygt 8 500 m2 samt tillhörande kontorsutrymmen.

Our vision:

  • Being a role model in our sector.
  • We strive to be a leading supplier of comprehensive solutions within tube bending and sheet metal based structures in our volume niche.
  • Haluamme, että asiakkaamme näkevät meidät luonnollisena osana organisaatiotaan.
  • Achieving a working environment, unity and morale which are well-known in the local community.
BENDEX Visionen

BENDEX Our vision:

We will be a model and a leading supplier in our industry 

BENDEX Uppdraget

BENDEX Mission

Our mission is simply to be a complete partner when it comes to cost-effective, welded constructions. 


Our mission is simply to be a cost-efficient, versatile partner in the field of welded structures. This includes construction of fixtures and articles, production engineering, prototype production and rational serial production.

In order to realise our vision and create the foundations to achieve our goals, we have set both short-term and long-term objectives. We feel that being named as the Company of the Year in our home municipality of Hylte is an indication that we’re on the right path.


Complete partner

Business idea

Two short sentences, but we’re as good as our word. Put Bendex to the test!

“Bendex works with bent and welded tube structures in low and mid-sized serial production volumes. We strive to be an industry role model.”

BENDEX Årets företag i Hylte

BENDEX Company of the year in Hylte

We offer large production volumes through welding in several robot cells, and with manual stations, sheet-metal working, laser cutting and assembly. 

BENDEX Årets företag i Hylte

BENDEX Company of the year in Hylte

When it comes to quality, what is important to us is quality assurance. Through preventive measures, potential sources of problems are eliminated so that production can go as smoothly as possible. 


Bendex tankar kring kvalitetsarbete

Measuring components in relation to specifications is what is traditionally associated with quality work. For us, however, this is equivalent to quality inspection, something we are not so keen to be associated with. Quality assurance – that is, applying preventative measures to avoid potential sources of errors so production can run as smoothly as possible – is far more important to Bendex. This leads to a hassle-free existence for our customers and dovetails with our overall objective:

To provide seamless partnership which makes life easy for our stakeholders.

To help achieve this goal, our operational system is certified in accordance with ISO 9001:2015.



Engagement that makes a difference

Engagemang som berör bygger på filosofin att vi med gemensam, likriktad energi hela tiden kan förfytta gränsen för det omöjliga. Vi har skapat en gemensam värdegrund:

  • Down to earth Straightforward and uncomplicated interaction with one another, both internally and externally.
  • Long-term approach Sustainable development comes with small daily steps in the right direction.
  • Tångsiktiga Små steg i rätt riktning varje dag ger hållbar utveckling.
  • Team players Työskentelemme toistemme hyväksi ja autamme toisiamme tarvittaessa.
  • Job satisfaction We have fun when we’re together, creating our common future.


Down to earth -Long-term approach - Team Players - Job satisfaction 



Long-term - Teamwork - Doing my part - Learning organisation - Learning 

The Bendex Way

With our continuous work with improvements, we’ve also created a number of guiding principles to lead us in the right direction. We’re talking about:

  • Long-term approach, continuous development – This means among other things, clear strategies and target figures for what we’re doing, and that we always maintain our team spirit.
  • Employeeship and joint leadership – This includes participation, sense of fairness and respect. Clear rules and shared responsibility.
  • Doing my part – This can mean that you understand and further develop your part of the whole. That you ask “why” enough times when called for and that we strive for quality in everything we do.
  • Pull flows – This entails that our actions are based on actual customer needs, that we standardise and actively work with our setup times, and that we lower our stock levels.
  • Learning organisation – Innefattar bland annat vårt mentorskap; att vi vågar reflektera och tänka nytt, att vi skapar forum för kunskapsutbyte och att vi löser problem vid dess källa.

These simple but clear guiding principles are what we mean by The Bendex Way!




Environmental awareness is a crucial aspect of our daily work. We are committed to constantly reviewing our practices in order to minimise our environmental impact. To this end, we have been certified in accordance with ISO 14001:2015 for a number of years.

Som vår leverantör förväntas ni hjälpa oss i vårt miljöarbete genom att arbeta i linje med vår verksamhetspolicy och arbeta förebyggande för att minimera er miljöpåverkan. Att följa gällande lagstiftning och övriga förordningar är ett minimikrav.

Vi är sedan ett antal år tillbaka certifierade enligt ISO 14001:2015, vår verksamhetspolicy kan du ladda ner under fliken “Media”.

BENDEX Årets företag i Hylte

BENDEX Company of the year in Hylte

We all live on the same planet. We contribute to reducing Bendex’ environmental impact as much as possible, and we’ve been certified in accordance with ISO 14001:2015 for a number of years. 

BENDEX Årets företag i Hylte

BENDEX Company of the year in Hylte

At Bendex we always take the long-term perspective. 

Bendex’ recipe for success is based on a good portion of the perseverance typical for our part of Sweden

In a business environment strongly influenced by the ups and downs of the global market, it can sometimes be difficult to keep a company on a stable course. We at Bendex always conduct our operations with a long-term perspective, and by being active in several different business areas, we’ve succeeded in creating a solid and sustainable platform.

While this platform naturally creates security for us, it does the same for our customers. With long-term investment planning along with ample portions of both ingenuity and the perseverance typical for our part of Sweden, we’ve succeeded in creating a strong company that significantly reduces business risks for our customers.

Business areas

Here are some of our business areas:

  • Medical technology equipment
  • Earth-moving and farming equipment
  • Construction industry
  • Commercial kitchen appliances